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Fire closure plates should be fitted at the base of refuse and laundry chutes. These chute closure plates are designed to automatically close in the event of a fire. When the fusible link is activated, the fire closure plate should close quickly to prevent the fire spreading up the chute. Fire closure plates need to be regularly serviced and tested to ensure they are kept operational at all times.

Hydro Chute

Chute Fire Closure Plate Servicing & Compliance


  • Inspect and replace fusible link
  • Test automatic closure plate mechanism
  • Clean and lubricate mechanism
  • Replace cable and fixtures
  • Compliance Certification


Our qualified chute fire closure plate engineers will inspect:


  • All chute fire closure plates to ensure they are in good working order and
    in accordance with BS476: Part 20 & 22 : 1987 ‚Äč
  • All fusible links to ensure they are compliant and replace if required
  • All connecting cables and springs, service, repair and replace where necessary
  • All chute discharge sections, mountings and fixtures

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