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Fire safety in tower blocks is a high priority for both residents and building managers. Neglect of the refuse chutes can lead to significant fire risks endangering both lives and property. We operate across the whole of the UK. Our fully trained Fire Certification Technicians and Engineers provide an unrivalled level of service ensuring full compliance with the latest legislation. Our clients include Local Authorities, ALMO’s, FM Companies, Housing Providers, NHS Hospitals, Building Managers and many more.


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Regular maintenance of refuse chutes reduces the risk of fires

Bin chute fires are common and are caused by a number of different factors, but the most common cause is from improper disposal of items such as cigarettes and matches falling into basement bins. We operate across the whole of the UK. Our fully trained Technicians and Engineers provide an unrivalled level of service ensuring full compliance with the latest legislation including all the necessary fire certification documents.


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Refuse Chute Fire Compliance Certificate

Bin chutes in residential buildings require regular maintenance and testing to ensure they remain safe. When fires occur in bin rooms or bin chutes, toxic smoke is often drawn straight up through the bin chute and can easily escape into landings, stairwells and even into residents apartments.


Duty of Care

Building owners and managers carry a weighty responsibility to ensure that all the fire risks have been thoroughly assessed. Sometimes this can seem like a daunting load to carry. However, using professionals with the right qualifications and experience can vastly reduce the stress involved.



Anyone tasked with testing the fire safety of a bin chute should be fully qualified and have a complete understanding of all the safety features included in the installation. Technicians should be able to carry out controlled smoke tests, fire closure plate tests and servicing. Engineers need to know what seals to use, what fixings are approved and how to carry out robust tests that mimic what would occur if a fire was to take hold in a bin store or bin chute. All these details are required before a fire safely compliance certificate can be issued for each bin chute.

Maintenance Packages

Nationwide Support 24/7

When refuse chutes get blocked or parts fail, it can cause significant inconvenience to tower block residents. Our engineers can attend your site and get the chute back in operation quickly and efficiently. We are also able to provide you with all the necessary fire chute certification in order to make your building safe and providing the residents and management with a peace of mind.


Refuse Chute Cleaning

Specialist Tools for Refuse Chute Maintenance & Sanitisation

Using our specialists equipment we ensure that residual waste in the bin chute walls doesn't build up and lead to increased fire risk, along with foul odours and pest infestation.

Specifically Designed

Hydro Chute

Why us?

Our engineers are trained directly by BRE, the leading European authority on fire safety in buildings. BRE are responsible for issuing safety guidance and standards. The products we manufacture and fit have been independently tested to the relevant British Standard. Not only do our hoppers and fire closure plates meet current standards, they actually exceed them by 100%. In reality, this means that any investment building owners make in refurbishing bin chutes with our products will automatically be future proofed against potential adjustments to British Standards.

As leading experts in bin chute fire safety compliance and certification, we will ensure that you meet and even exceed your obligations. Our customers span the length and breadth of the UK. Some have over 1000 chutes, some have only one. Nevertheless, in a business where we take responsibility for assessing the fire risks in bin chutes, all our customers receive the same premium service with the same high level of attention to detail.

Refuse Chute Cleaning

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Live On-site reporting

Live On-site Reporting

Full Comppliance

Legal Compliance for Refuse Chutes

Full Compliance

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