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Refuse Chute Cleaning & Sanitisation

Steam Cleaned, Deodorised, Disinfected and Sanitisation

Regular bin chute cleaning is essential to ensure that your building complies with fire regulations. The build-up of residual waste on the bin chute walls can lead to increased fire risk, foul odours and pest infestation.

Our bin chute cleaning system is specifically designed for residential tower blocks and apartments. It can also be used to disinfect laundry chutes in hospitals and hotels.

The Hydro Chute Cleaner delivers steam at high pressure which thoroughly cleans, deodorizes and disinfects all the internal surfaces of the bin chute, from the top floor to the bin store room.

Hydro Chute

Regular Chute Cleaning & Sanitisation


  • Steam cleaning to all internal surfaces of the chute​.
  • Oil grease and fat deposits safely removed.
  • Chute disinfected killing bacteria and pathogens.
  • Offensive odours removed
  • Vastly improves residents and caretaking environments



Our experienced chute cleaners will:


  • Use specialist cleaning equipment designed and built by HydroWash Ltd​
  • Always wear the correct PPE
  • Work closely to specific RAMs ensuring safety at all times
  • Adhere closely to EA legislation relating to the capture and safe disposal of foul water
  • Steam clean the refuse bins as required

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Hydro Chute are nationwide Refuse & Laundry Chute Compliance Specialists. We offer complete peace of mind when it comes to ensuring fire safety in tower blocks.

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